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Founded in 2006 Professional Security Enterprises, Inc. has provided both armed and unarmed security protection and investigative services to clients throughout the Midwest. We’ve worked with hospitals, hotels, live events, construction companies, and many more to insure what’s important to them is safe and secure.






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Mission Statement

It is the mission of Professional Security Enterprises Inc. to provide safety and security services which enhance and support a strategic plan for our clients. Our goal is to promote a safe and welcoming environment which recognizes and is respectful of diversity and which improves the quality of life for all our clients and the market that they serve.

In our Health Care Division, all patients, physicians and staff contribute to making the facility a safe, nurturing environment for healing.  We cannot isolate ourselves from the world that surrounds us. We strive to ensure that the neighborhood that surrounds our health care campuses are one of the safest in the midwest. Yet, like anywhere else one would go, there can be dangers. Professional Security Enterprises Inc. is committed to ensuring the safety of the general public, patients, employees, and visitors through effective policies and procedures, educational programming, training, and community involvement.

Company Philosophy

Professional Security Enterprises Inc. is unmatched in our ability to offer your organization effective security solutions while staying well within your budget. There are several unique differentiators that make PSE stand out among other companies, including the fact that:

  • PSE utilizes certified Police Officers and Sheriff Deputies for their armed employees.

  • We have highly trained, highly motivated employees that know the law and how it affects the Industry.

  • PSE provides Mobile Security Patrolling Force (MSPF) that provide exterior and ground protection.

  • We require the highest level of training for our team of security officers.
    We have the longest standing security force for healthcare.

  • Unlike other security companies, security is our specialty.

  • PSE is a single-source provider for all security services.

  • Staff and officers are monitored through GPS and on site supervision.

  • Some of the Midwest’s most renowned organizations have partnered with PSE to improve their security for over 15 years.

  • PSE provides effective security services and solutions for many U.S.-based organizations of varying industries.

Please visit our divisions page to learn about all of the sectors we reach and to read about some of the companies whose security processes and procedures we have improved.

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